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Perfectly Reasonable is Launched!

Posted August 19, 2015 By Linda



Website Countdown Launch Day PR copy

Perfectly Reasonable is live on and!! 

And the winners of a free e-copy of Perfectly Reasonable and the other great gifts are:

Bn100 – Cards by Karen

Faye K. – LOC Design earrings

Paula K. – USB flashdrive

Readerfun – Cards by Karen

Ella M. – LOC Design earrings

Doris SC – USB flashdrive

Marie L. – CPR keychain

Anna M. – Cards by Karen

Tessa B. – LOC Design earrings

Stevie R. – USB flashdrive

I’ll be in touch!! Thanks to everyone who follows along and shares in the excitement with me! Happy reading.

Laugh every day. Love every minute.




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Day 2 – You’two’be video trailer!

Posted August 17, 2015 By Linda

the number two in blueIt’s Day 2 of the Perfectly Reasonable Countdown! Time to unveil the Perfectly Reasonable Video Trailer. Thanks to Sandy James for another fun video!






It’s getting close! Join me tomorrow for a sneak peek at Chapter 1 on Day 1 of the Perfectly Reasonable Countdown!



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Day 3 – Q & A

Posted August 16, 2015 By Linda

lit number threeIt’s Day 3 of the Perfectly Reasonable countdown! I thought I’d share the 3 most frequent questions I’m asked.




How do you come up with the ideas for your stories?

They pop into my head and I think, “Oh, that’s funny.” And then I write them down. I don’t consult with anyone while I’m writing unless it’s to do research on how a character would say something or (how a male would) react in a certain situation. I don’t like to run my ideas by anyone because they never sound as good when I say them out loud. 🙂


How do you write the sex scenes?

One word at a time . . .


When will the print copies of Perfectly Reasonable be available?

That, I don’t know, since it’s up to Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate Publishing. I’ve asked for print copies, but likely it will be sometime in 2016.


To celebrate Day 2 tomorrow, you’ll get a sneak peek at the You’Two’be Perfectly Reasonable Video Trailer! Have a great day!


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Day 4 – A Cheer for Volunteers!

Posted August 15, 2015 By Linda

the number fourIt’s Day 4 of the Perfectly Reasonable Countdown!





The inspiration for Perfectly Reasonable came from working with medical students. As well as a spicy romance, this book shows Trace’s journey as he applies to medical school. For over 10 years, I was involved in teaching Clinical Skills to medical students. I asked the students what they thought was the most valuable thing they did when they applied. Most of them mentioned volunteering – and starting early to volunteer. It didn’t have to be fancy or far away, but it was important to be able to reflect on the volunteering about their ability to interact with people, empathize, and play a leadership role. So I’ve invited 4 very special people to share their stories about volunteering – 4 compelling reasons to volunteer and some great ideas if you’re wondering what’s out there to do!


welcome signMarion O’Connor ~ It was my pleasure to assist newly arrived refugee families become accustom to Canadian life. It was a very rewarding experience as I helped them with our language and accompanied them to various appointments and shopping activitiesIn return, I learned about life and the hardships they experience in their country. It certainly makes you appreciate how fortunate we are to live in Canada.



baby on bellyLin Arthur ~ I am most fortunate to have been a person who worked in an area about which I am passionate – I loved working with families, multiply disabled children (particularly infants), teaching physiotherapy students, and being a member of a multidisciplinary team. Retiring has been great but it also feels like I’ve left a part of myself behind. By being a mentor and sharing my experiences and perspectives with newly graduated, gifted physiotherapists who chose pediatrics, I felt that I could participate in shaping the future of the profession through influencing their practice and offer a point of view other than what’s offered in the classroom setting. In return, they helped bring me up to speed on the current fields of thought, technology, and measurable outcomes. We created a healthy exchange as we brainstormed over complex patients! I really enjoyed it, and I think the patients benefited from the art of the old and the science of the new!


P1030596Anne Richards ~ So why do I volunteer? I have been most fortunate to have travelled to many interesting places. I’ve seen poverty and the struggles of people just trying to carve out a life. I always felt blessed to live in a county with so many freedoms and privileges . . . as my Dad used to say when I was growing up “Giving back is the rent you pay for the space you occupy.”

I have always chosen interesting ways to volunteer. I have taught English to immigrants from Vietnam, started a Grandmother group here in Kingston to support Grandmothers in Africa who are raising their orphan grandchildren with very few resources after their children died of HIV-AIDS, helped Aboriginal kids with reading, taught them to play the piano or to weave. I’ve always been interested in helping single mothers continue with their post-secondary education. There are so many wonderful ways to make the life of someone else just a little bit better. You truly gain much more than you give!!


soccer ballTammy Scott-Zelt ~ I’ve been volunteering with the Kingston Clippers Soccer Club for 18 years. My role as a volunteer included coaching players from U7 house league to a men’s competitive team, spending 16 years on the board of governance, and lending a happy hand in many other tasks involved in keeping a soccer club successful. Over my 18 years volunteering, I’ve made many lifelong friends whom I never would’ve crossed paths with otherwise. The Kingston Clippers has grown from 1200 to 2000 players over the last 20 years, and I feel that my hard work as a volunteer on the board contributed to the club’s success. Seeing little or big accomplishments is very fulfilling. Coaching children and seeing them grow to young adults and make their own path in life is the best feeling, because I feel like I was a part of helping them reach their goals. Spending six hours a week or sometimes an entire weekend with players allowed me to guide them and hopefully be a good role model – as a coach and to encourage them to volunteer when they become parents! Yes, volunteering takes time away from family and chores, but organizations would never survive unless community volunteers stepped forward to help. I also feel volunteering showed my children how to be better at organizing and juggling time management.

If you’re looking to meet new friends, figure out what you’re passion about, or even if you’re not sure what you have to offer, contact the organization and offer to help. Trust me, all organizations are desperately looking for volunteers and they’ll be thrilled to see a new face. Volunteering is something I love to do. I’ll continue to volunteer in my community because without my help, community organizations might not be able to survive.

Watch Tammy live


There you have it – 4 compelling stories about volunteering. It’s truly inspiring and very rewarding to volunteer! From helping out at a food bank or soup kitchen, reading with elementary students, playing piano for the elderly, there are so many opportunities to give back, enrich the lives of others, and learn something about yourself. So get out there and volunteer!!

It’s getting close – only 3 days left until the release of Perfectly Reasonable! (I’m getting excited!!) Come back tomorrow – I’ll answer the 3 most common questions I’m asked. 


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Day 5 – How do you see Colour?

Posted August 14, 2015 By Linda

green and yellow fiveToday is Day 5 of the Perfectly Reasonable Countdown! Margo loves colour so she has 5 fun facts about colour for you!




boy with balloonsPeople see colour before anything else. Try reading these:

Green     Yellow     Red     Orange     Purple   Blue

Your brain wants to read the colour before the word!




Colour Stats:

Blue is the most popular favourite colour.

Yellow is the most visible colour – hence yellow taxis, yellow fire trucks and school buses.

77% of flags have red in them.



People eat with their eyes.

In experiments where food is coloured, people will perceive the flavour they associate with the colour.

blueberrieslemons and limesBlue – berry flavour

Yellow-Green – lemon lime

Butter has to be pale yellow

Can you imagine brown cheesies?

Blue is an appetite suppressant possibly since blue food is a rare occurrence except for blueberries and blue-purple potatoes. And blue M&Ms!

Pills used to be all white and round until the 60’s and 70s when capsules were invented. Coloured pills have the same effect on people – green pills for nausea and red pills for heartburn won’t work.


Colours have certain strong associations for people.

school bus with stop sign

Red – love, danger, power, international colour for stop.

Blue – peace, cleanliness, nature sky and water, but not food!

Green – ecology, luck, mint, fertility

Yellow – happy, caution

Orange – dynamic energy

Pink for girls and blue for boys – although it used to be the opposite at the turn of the century. Red was considered a stronger color and so pink was for boys!


fall leavesColour is important for branding when companies are deciding on their logos and product packaging. People will consider whether the product will do what you expect from its appearance (a red sleep aid – say what?), will connect to it emotionally (yellow makes people happy, orange gives them energy), and the colour will distinguish the company from others (red and yellow for McDonalds).


hot air balloonThere you have it – fun facts about colour. You’ll be thinking about colour next time you’re served blue potato chips on a plane 😀 Thanks Margo! Join me tomorrow – 4 very special people will share their volunteering experience!


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