file000860393648The Hero – A Short Story

This is a short story with a twist in the tale. It was posted on and it’s definitely a departure from romance writing (no happily-ever-after ending in this story).


Hero or villain? Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective. Flight 626 is heading for a crash landing with the pilot unconscious and the passengers in danger. Is the man at the controls a hero-in-the-making or a villain with a plan? Depends who you ask.


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That Moment – A Short Story

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red tuque dark redI’m jumping with joy!! I’m very excited to share that I won 2nd Place in the 2015 Canadian Tales of the Heart Short Story Contest! Woohoo!!

There were 123 entries in the Short Story Competition sponsored by Red Tuque Books Inc. The top 3 stories along with 10 additional Honourable Mention winners will be published in an anthology! (I’m most excited about that!)




Canadian Tales of the Heart is available HERE


 That Moment is about that moment when something happens to make you cherish what you have; that moment that forces you to look at things differently, to grow, and to love. It’s a Tale of the Heart (with a twist!). I can’t wait to share it with you 😀